February 15, 2016 @ 3:55 PM

 Many companies clean by scattering or moving dirt around an office.

Cleaning with feather dusters, brooms and terrycloth towels move and disperse dust and dirt, but fail to properly remove it from all surfaces.  However, the ServiceMaster clean patented Capture and Removal Cleaning System is proven to continually reduce the amount of dirt particles in your building, giving you a safer working environment and better indoor air quality.

When conventional cleaning methods are used, the dirt in your office becomes airborne and is not only breathed in, but lands on other surfaces, which can lead to the need for more frequent cleaning.

ServiceMaster clean uses microfiber cloths, backpack vacuums, specialty vacuums and dust wands, which capture and remove dust and dirt from all surfaces.  The Capture and Removal Cleaning System traps and removes more airborne particles than conventional cleaning.